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GUDOknitwear is my passion for natural wool and linen clothing. These clothes are created by using hand-knitting techniques which I learned from my grandmother in my childhood. I used this experience to create this brand. GUDO knitwear designs are for urban women of modern times with a significant value and defined characteristics.

As I remember myself, I've always had a lot of yarns and knitting needles as well as a lot of started unfortunately unfinished ideas. One day I decided to buy a knitting machine to make my ideas more realistic and more visible to the world. As a result, we have three collections at this moment:  Seasonal Collections (Autumn/ winter and Spring/ summer) & our timeless Basic Collection.


Our Basic Collection is growing all the time.
Just because WE ALWAYS NEED THEM (and always wear them), we have been producing them all year around and are always fully stocked.
To keep things fresh & interesting, we are always on a lookout for the new shades and colors.


When we think of Autumn Winter, we imagine it as COZY, WORM, STYLISH. That’s exactly what about our collection is.
Here we are looking for interesting textures, shapes and patterns. It's so good to have an outfit for every cozy day!


Just three words:  NATURAL, FLAT, ELEGANT linen.

Designer, Lina